Windows Hello is coming to the desktop, but not to your desktop

Google News article Google announced today that it is developing a new, feature-rich way to use Windows Hello on its new desktop operating system, called Windows Hello.

The feature will be integrated into the operating system and will allow users to use it on their devices as well as in their homes.

The feature works in two ways.

First, Windows Hello can unlock a device by asking users to unlock the device using a fingerprint or other biometric data.

This is especially useful for people who might not be able to use their mobile devices to access their computers, or for those who have trouble unlocking their smartphones.

It also makes it possible to share photos, videos, documents and more with other people who have access to a phone, tablet or computer.

The Windows Hello feature is also available to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 PCs.

Google has announced a number of other Windows features, including an integration with its Google Assistant, which can recognize faces and voice commands to ask for things like directions, make a call, and do basic information searches.

The company is also working on new voice commands for the Windows 10 operating system.

Those commands include the ability to use the Cortana voice assistant to ask questions, open applications, and more.

It’s unclear whether that feature will see the light of day for Windows 10 as well, but it’s worth noting that Google is a key player in the mobile market and its Cortana voice recognition feature could help drive sales of Windows phones.

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