When you can’t take a shower without breaking a window, why are you trying to make it easier for others to get in and out?

By now, we’ve all heard the popular advice to avoid the bathroom window in your own home if you don’t want to break it: Don’t use the bathroom.

There’s no harm in breaking it.

But in reality, this advice isn’t just ineffective—it’s also irresponsible.

It is true that you will never, ever break the window of your bathroom without causing damage to yourself or others.

But breaking the window is not the same as putting yourself at risk.

Here are 10 ways you can protect yourself and others from falling through the window.1.

Use a toilet seat or toilet roll as a safety net.

This is a simple solution.

It’s not the safest option, but it’s the simplest.

Using a toilet roll or a toilet paper roll as your safety net will keep you from breaking the windows.

The safest option is to make sure the toilet seat is at least 6 inches away from the window and that you can safely put a towel or pad in front of the toilet.2.

Use an overhead light fixture to block the bathroom windows.

This may seem obvious, but using an overhead fixture to shut off the window from the outside may be the most important safety precaution you can make to keep yourself and other people from falling.

When the overhead light is on, you will also be able to see inside the bathroom, which is important for people who are blind or have visual impairments.3.

Place a safety bar over the window to protect yourself from falling into the water.

There’s a safety feature in most window-retaining curtains that prevents the glass from falling out of the window, but this feature may not be a great choice for many people.

When a glass window breaks, the glass may get stuck in the window or even fall through the door.

By blocking the window with a safety barrier, you are protecting yourself from the glass hitting your window.4.

Secure your bathroom door with an overhang or a piece of glass.

This one may seem simple, but you’ll need to be very careful.

The overhang and the glass are designed to prevent your door from being pushed or pulled by the water, which could cause your door to come loose.

The safety bar is a strong, sturdy, easy-to-clean piece of material that can be installed on the outside of the door to protect you from the possibility of a broken window.5.

Use your doorbell to ring the doorbell.

When the door is open, it will usually be the sound of your door bell that makes you feel safe.

Using your door as a bell is also an effective way to remind people that your door is always open and will always be open.6.

Use curtains as a window curtain.

The curtains in the bathroom can be a powerful deterrent to others who might be able get in or out of your home without breaking the glass.

If you want to protect your own privacy, using curtains instead of windows will protect you and your family from getting into and out of other people’s homes.7.

Get a safe distance between your bathroom window and your bathroom mirror.

The window is designed to close behind you, so if you are in the shower, your bathroom wall will close behind your mirror to protect the mirror from falling over.

You will also want to keep the bathroom mirror as close as possible to the window for protection from falling windows.8.

Place curtains over windows and doors to protect people in bathrooms.

When you’re showering or washing up, curtains can be used to keep you and others safe from falling glass.

These curtains can also be used as a way to protect others who are on the toilet or using a toilet with a broken or missing window.9.

Make your bathroom bathroom wall as tall as possible.

This will prevent your bathroom from falling to the floor.

A large window curtain will also help prevent other people getting in and being out of bathrooms, which can make for a dangerous situation.10.

Use safety bars to protect doors from broken windows.

These are simple, inexpensive pieces of safety equipment that are easily installed.

Safety bars are attached to the outside edges of doors, and they are a simple, secure way to ensure you and everyone you know can stay safe when the door opens and the door closes.

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