When is it OK to use Windows 7 on a laptop?

Posted by James Rucker, Microsoft Senior VP, Windows, on November 16, 2017The Windows 7 desktop platform has had a lot of love and support over the years, with many folks still using it for the vast majority of their daily computing needs.

The operating system is still a big part of Microsoft’s business, with the company providing a variety of productivity applications, such as Office 365 and Office 365 Personal, for both PCs and mobile devices.

But while the Windows 7 version of Windows has been around for years, many of its features have been largely forgotten and overlooked, with a recent Microsoft blog post showing that Windows 7 is a bit of a relic.

“We’re sorry, but Windows 7 isn’t a viable replacement for Windows 8.1,” Microsoft said in the post, referencing the previous version of the OS.

“This is because the Windows 8 team has spent so much time and effort on bringing back Windows 8, so we decided to make Windows 7 a dead-end.”

The post went on to describe the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems, saying that both of those OSes “cannot compete with the productivity, security, and convenience of Windows 8.”

In the Windows 10 release, Microsoft said that Windows 8 is no longer the only OS on the PC market, and that “the new Windows 10 version will provide more than enough for all your work needs, and will work equally well with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.”

But while Microsoft is admitting that Windows 10 is a better fit for its business users, it doesn’t want to stop there.

The company wants to make sure that Windows users are familiar with the operating system, so that they have a baseline that they can quickly transition to, even if they’ve never used Windows before.

“This means we’ll be releasing new versions of Windows that will bring your PC experience to a new level,” Microsoft wrote in the blog post.

“To get started, we recommend using Windows 10 Professional, the first version to launch on the new Windows 8 operating system.

But if you have more time, we’ve also prepared a free upgrade offer that will allow you to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, for just two years.”

While Microsoft may have a few tricks up its sleeve for those who want to get the Windows XP experience, the company’s goal is to make it easier for business users to switch from Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Windows Phone.

“The more familiar you are with Windows, the easier it will be to use the Windows Store and start using your favorite apps,” Microsoft explained.

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