The window swap is a ‘miracle’ for cat lovers

A window swap that was once an out-of-the-ordinary sight has been made a little bit easier thanks to the power of Instagram.

A group of cat lovers in Dublin have been sharing pictures of their windows with the caption, “I just found out my window swap had been made.”

The process has been popular with cat lovers, and is not as difficult as it seems.

Step one: Bring the cats inStep two: Place the cat in the cat windowStep three: Put a few more cat food items in the windowStep four: Leave the cats out for an hourStep five: RepeatStep six: Return the cats to the cat doorStep seven: RepeatRepeatStep eight: RepeatIt took just a few minutes of waiting to achieve a cat-free window swap.

A member of the Facebook group Cats Up Dublin posted the video to Instagram last week.

She said she was overwhelmed by the positive response.

“It’s just been amazing.

I’m really glad I was able to get the word out, I’ve only had my cat for a few months, but the cat has really helped me out,” she said.”

My cat’s a huge help to me.

He’s so sweet and I love him so much, I just adore him so I’m happy I got the opportunity to have a new window swap with him.””

He’s really helpful and it’s been a wonderful experience.

It’s a miracle that I’ve found a way to save the cats life.”

Cat owners can also share the process on social media using #windowswap.

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