Microsoft to offer new XP background to Windows 10

Microsoft is expanding the selection of Windows 10 wallpaper to include some of its most popular themes, a move that makes it one of the first major tech companies to offer its desktop software in its own style.

The new background option will be available in the “Metro” app in the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is due to be released next week.

That version of the operating system is built on top of the Windows Core runtime, which enables many of the apps Microsoft has designed for Windows.

The change makes it possible for Windows 10 users to have the new Windows 10 theme in their own desktop apps and not have to install an app from the Windows Store or other sources.

Windows 10, however, has no desktop app ecosystem.

Windows 10 also has a new background theme, called “Pella” by Microsoft, which has a bright green color palette and a darker black-and-white background.

The new Windows wallpaper will also come in two different sizes: “large” and “small,” which is roughly the same as the default “large.”

The new wallpaper will not be available for download, and it will be delivered as an app download, which means that it won’t be accessible by users.

The app will be “available in the Start menu,” the Start screen’s desktop shortcut, and in the Edge browser, the desktop app that runs in Windows 10.

Microsoft has been teasing its new wallpaper for weeks.

The company has said that the Windows XP background was inspired by the blue and green tiles that have become a trademark of the color scheme in Windows XP, and the Windows 8 wallpaper is the first to incorporate that.

Windows 8, which was built on the Windows RT platform and shipped in 2007, was the last version of Windows that supported Microsoft’s Classic UI, the traditional desktop UI that ran in the corners of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Windows 8 was the first version of Microsoft’s desktop software to include a tile that appeared at the top of each window, a feature called the Desktop Tile.

The Windows 10 background has also become a popular choice among developers for creating tile-heavy apps, which can be useful for developers who don’t want to create custom tiles.

Microsoft’s announcement on Thursday, however , comes a few weeks after it unveiled its own “Windows 10” tile design, which it describes as a “full-screen Windows 10 tile.”

The tiles, which include the familiar “Metro style” tiles, are also part of Microsoft Edge, the browser that runs on top Windows 10 PCs.

Windows Store app and Windows app app users will still be able to access the tiles by simply visiting the Windows store or searching for a tile.

The Windows 10 desktop wallpaper, however to use it in Windows Store apps, requires a download of the tile app, which will be made available in a new app.

Users will be able also choose to access their own Windows 10-themed wallpaper by tapping a “Show Windows” button in the app that will appear when the app launches.

Windows wallpaper options will also be available at the Windows Insiders event on Thursday and Microsoft’s new Windows 8 app preview on Friday.

Microsoft will also unveil its own Windows 8 desktop wallpaper for desktop users on Friday at 8 a.m.

Pacific Time (4 p.m., Eastern Time).

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