Indian TV shows are getting more violent

By ANI NIBULA-ABDO and ANI K.RANABE-ALIRA SECTION: INDIAN TV ; Pg. 18 LENGTH: 945 words NEW DELHI: The recent wave of violence on TV in the country has seen an increasing number of shows featuring violence.

Some shows like “The House”, “Rajesh Kumar Bhatti” and “Baba Balika” have been accused of glorifying violence and glorifying cow slaughter.

But the most shocking show on TV, the most disturbing show on television is “Raja” which has seen a surge in violence in recent times.

On its Facebook page, Raja said that the episode was inspired by the murder of a Dalit woman by an upper caste Muslim man.

The actor played a Dalits friend in the episode.

The Dalits in Raja are Dalit-majority.

The actor has now gone on to accuse the makers of the show of “moral policing”, which he said is the “worst sin”.

He also said that some shows that depict violence are showing the wrong message.

“The whole episode is very upsetting and I think it’s time that we show the message that Dalits are not a separate community,” Raja wrote.

The Dalit community has been reeling under attacks by upper castes and a rash of incidents against them by the upper caste.

Dalits have faced discrimination and violence since they were granted reservation in the reservation system in Indian Constitution in 1950.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has also denied any caste discrimination in the government system.

The episode is the latest in a string of violent shows on TV by the show.

A similar episode was aired on April 20 when two Dalits were allegedly lynched by an unknown person in Mumbai.

The same week, two Dalit youths were beaten to death by an unidentified person in Dadar, Uttar Pradesh.

Last week, a Dalita teenager in Mumbai was allegedly raped by a man in a public toilet and later killed.

The case of the girl was filed by the police in Dadu.

The violence in India has taken on a different hue when a show called “Ragbuddy” was aired in which a gang of people is shown raping a Dalite woman in Uttar Pradesh in 2014.

The show has been seen on a large scale in the past few years, causing many Dalits to feel anger towards the ruling BJP government.

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