Icke says ‘no, I am not’ to AC/DC’s new ‘new age’ of music, video – BBC News

The frontman of AC/DnB supergroup AC/Rock says he is not a fan of the band’s new music and that he has no intention of buying it.

Icke, who has previously criticised the new band’s music, said the album is “not new” but that “it has changed in a very important way”.

The singer told the BBC’s Good Morning Britain: “I’m not a huge fan of it.

It’s got an oddness to it that I don’t find particularly interesting.”

Ickelberg said he was not surprised the band had changed, saying: “It was always there, but it was never a great album.”

You can’t make a lot of noise about it and get attention for it, and that’s what I didn’t see coming.

“And it’s not something I’ve ever really wanted to do.”

Icarus was released in December but has been in the spotlight since its release.

Last week, AC/ Rock’s new album, “New Age”, was released.

It included the songs “All The Rage Back Home” and “Climbing the Walls”, but it also featured songs that would later be covered by the group.

“New Age” has since been played over and over again in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and has become a favourite among rock fans.

Last year, the band signed a deal with Atlantic Records and has since released new music.

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