How Trump is changing the way we play games

The Obama administration’s Office of Science and Technology Policy, an agency that regulates the use of wireless technology, is trying to change the way people play games, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The change will allow people to create their own games, but it will require developers to obtain a license from the government.

The changes are in place as part of a plan announced last month by the Trump administration to roll back the Obama-era rules.

The Office of Technology Policy is the government agency that oversees the development and regulation of wireless devices, including gaming consoles, PCs, mobile phones and gaming headsets.

The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs oversees the Office of Telecommunications, which regulates Internet service providers, including broadband Internet service.

The new rules will allow consumers to create games that are compatible with the mobile device or the game’s application on their own, but not on other devices.

The rules also will allow devices to be shared between people, even when the device is in use on a shared computer.

“This is a very broad change that will allow for a new era of sharing and playing games,” a senior technology official with knowledge of the plan told The Hill.

The goal is to allow people with mobile devices to play games on shared computers without requiring them to pay for separate devices, which has long been required.

“In theory, there could be some kind of subscription model where you buy a device and it gives you access to your friends,” the official said.

“But it’s very unlikely to happen.”

In addition to gaming consoles and mobile devices, the new rules would allow people who own an iPhone to play on other phones as well as PCs, the official added.

The official said the new regulations could be implemented in phases over the next year or two.

The rules would also allow people without a licensed mobile device to make their own video games on their smartphones or tablets.

But the official also said that it’s unclear whether or not such games will be legal under current federal laws.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the proposal.

The agency has not issued guidance on the matter, but the Office for Technology Policy has said it’s reviewing the issue and could take further action at a later time.

“It’s something we’re watching, and it’s something that we’re evaluating,” the senior technology source said.

The rule changes will come as the Trump White House continues to rollback the Obama administration rules.

The Obama-administration rules were the first to mandate that all devices have at least one feature that allows for the simultaneous streaming of video, audio and photos from multiple users at once.

The Trump administration announced last year that it would repeal or modify several regulations, including the so-called net neutrality rules that were passed in 2015, that regulated the Internet.

The Trump administration also issued its first guidance on net neutrality last year, which laid out a plan to eliminate net neutrality regulations.

The Obama administration also set standards for how consumers can access the Internet, including rules that would have required broadband providers to allow consumers who want to use a phone or tablet to do so without blocking other people from accessing the Internet or charging them extra.

The federal agency is reviewing the Trump-era changes to ensure they are consistent with federal law.

The OTTP is also working on the implementation of rules for gaming consoles.

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