How to get Windows 10 updates for your phone

Microsoft is rolling out the Windows 10 update for phones and tablets as of today.

The update includes updates to Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps, which include Cortana, Bing, Photos, Bing Maps, and a few others.

This is the second major update to the OS to hit phones in a week.

The first update to phones came on Wednesday.

Windows Phone 8.x and Windows Phone 8 update (beta) (Windows 10)The new Windows 10 OS for phones has some significant changes.

Windows Phone 10 includes a new Start screen that brings you to a new section of the Start menu called the Start Screen.

The Start Screen is divided into four main sections: Start, Home, About, and Settings.

Here you’ll find the most important information about your phone, such as battery, processor, and other vital settings.

The Home section is home to the most commonly used apps on your phone: Maps, Photos and Music.

Here, you’ll also find more settings such as apps, photos, and music streaming.

You can also navigate to other apps on the phone, and if you want to, you can add apps to the app list.

The About section is the most common and useful information that you can find in the Start screen, with all of the important information like the phone’s date, time, battery level, and more.

Here’s where you’ll learn about how your phone works, including how to set up a network, and how to change settings.

The Settings section is where you can easily access the settings of your phone.

You can find your phone in Settings > Phone.

From there, tap the Start button to access the home screen.

This will bring you to the Home screen, where you should see your phone icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

From here, tap on the Settings icon in order to bring up the About screen.

There you’ll see the Phone screen.

Here you’ll be able to change the settings and permissions of your device.

The settings section of Settings is where most people would find their settings.

To change a setting, you simply tap the Settings button in the top right corner of Settings.

This brings up a list of the setting you’d like to change.

Tap on the setting and it will be brought to the bottom of the Settings screen.

You will be able select a setting to be changed.

From there, you will have three options to change a settings option.

You’ll be shown three options, with the second option showing if you have a carrier lock and/or network access.

You then have the option to change your network settings.

If you choose to change these, you have to go through the steps of the process to make changes.

You also have the ability to change other settings, such the screen resolution and camera settings.

From the Settings menu, you should be able tap the Phone settings button.

Here in the Settings tab, you could also tap on camera settings, but you’d need to go back and forth with your carrier to get the settings.

You could also change the lock screen wallpaper and notification shade options.

Once you have your settings changed, you may also be able toggle a setting or two to see if you’ve been blocked from the device.

From Settings > System > General, you’d be able choose whether or not you want your device to be able access Wi-Fi or LTE.

From this screen, you might be able also see whether or so you’re blocked from accessing your email, or other important settings.

From here, you are then able to navigate to the Settings page and toggle the Lock Screen and the Camera settings.

This screen should bring you back to the previous screen.

If your device has been blocked, you’re now able to switch back to this screen.

From the Lock screen, it would be a good idea to tap on Settings > Display.

You should see the screen that you previously used to lock the device in place.

From your previous screen, tap Lock.

From next time, you need to tap Lock again, and then you can choose to switch the screen back to your previous state.

If everything is fine, you’ve just made a change to the settings page.

Here is where things start to get complicated.

You are now on the Display Settings page, which is a separate section of settings that has a lot of options.

You may also want to select your display mode, and change the colors and contrast of the colors of the device as well.

From Display Settings, you want a settings menu to appear, which you can then tap on to access additional settings.

On the Settings Menu, you would find your Device Settings, as well as a number of other settings.

Here are some important settings:Device Lock: This is a setting that prevents your device from being locked, or from being able to access Wi the Internet.

You have to make a selection to lock or unlock the device, but not both.

You need to choose the Lock option, and select your Lock

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