How to get around Microsoft’s new Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

We’ve all been there: trying to navigate to a page or menu by double-clicking a single space or tab, but we’re still not quite sure how.

Now, Microsoft is letting you tweak the Windows 10 keyboards to get you through the new operating system, as well as adding new shortcuts.

This is where you’ll find a handful of new shortcuts, along with a few new ones.

Read on for a quick rundown of what they do, as they appear in the Windows Insider Hub.

Here’s a rundown of the keyboard shortcuts you can tweak with the new Windows Keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts You can set up Windows 10’s keyboard shortcuts to suit your own preferences.

Keyboard shortcut for backspace Backspace is one of the most common Windows 10 shortcuts, and you can use it to move to the next line of text.

The shortcut works similarly to moving between pages in the Finder or Start menu.

You can also use it for navigating between files in Windows Explorer.

Double-click to move up Double-click to move down.

Click and hold the space bar to drag to move forward and back.

Click again to move backward.

Press Shift to copy/paste The mousewheel and Alt key will bring up a copy/cut function, as you might expect from a mouse and keyboard combination.

Use the right mouse button to copy a text from the clipboard.

Use Shift and the left mouse button for the same operation.

Ctrl + Left to paste Ctrl + Alt + Left will paste text to the clipboard as you type it.

Double click to edit The mouse wheel and Alt keys will bring you up to the current line of editing, with the Ctrl + Right and Ctrl + Shift keys respectively.

Use Ctrl + F to delete text Ctrl + E to replace text Ctrl – Left to undo text Ctrl – Right to erase text Ctrl-Shift + Left and Ctrl-Ctrl + Shift + Left move forward/back to previous position of the current word The double-click key will open up the next word in the line.

Double drag to copy paste Double-drag will copy a line of content from the current selection to the selected line.

Press the left or right mouse buttons to drag text to and from the selected text.

Double press to undo Double-press will undo any changes you’ve made to the selection.

Press and hold Ctrl to copy text to clipboard Double-tapping on a line will copy that text to your clipboard.

Double double-tap to paste Double tap will paste a text to a text field.

Double tap to delete The mouse button will bring the cursor up to your selection, and the spacebar will move up to paste.

Double swipe up and down will scroll horizontally.

Double right-click and drag to resize the current window Double-right-click will resize the window to the new size, and then click the “Resize” button.

The new size will fill the entire screen, with a vertical black border and the text at the bottom of the screen.

Double left-click on the title bar to show/hide the status bar (in the left pane) Double right click on the status bars to hide them Double-spacebar to close the current page.

Double up/down to resize The current page will expand, with space bars on either side.

Double spacebar to shrink the current section Double up or down will shrink the selected area of the page.

Ctrl-Spacebar to resize the entire window Double tap and hold Alt to resize.

The window will automatically shrink and expand to fit your screen.

Ctrl+Spacebar or left-clicked to close a window.

The current window will close automatically.

Ctrl++ to hide the status line (in-line) Double tap or hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left to hide a status bar.

Double mouse button click to show or hide the menu Double-tap the mouse button in the middle of the currently selected menu item to reveal it.

Right-click the menu item and drag the mouse over it to display its contents.

Double down-arrow to open/close a new window Double click or hold Alt+Shift to open a new tab.

The tab will automatically open a dialog box that asks you to close or reopen the window, and close it to let it focus.

Double backspace to return to the previous line of code.

Double tab to return from the previous tab Double-tab will close a tab and reopen it with the current tab open.

Double alt-Tab to toggle the tab split The current tab splits up into two tabs: one for code and one for other content.

Double tabs to hide content Double-Tabs will hide the content of the selected tab.

Double Right-Click to hide selected content.

Left-click a selected tab and drag your mouse to show its contents Double-Click the selected item to return it to its original position.

Double Alt+Left-click or Alt+Alt-Shift+Right-click, respectively, to close/open a new Tab Double-

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