How to fix a bug in your Windows 10 PC that can make it hard to launch applications and other Windows 10 features

Posted March 24, 2020 10:33:11Windows 10 users can often find themselves frustrated trying to launch the software they want to use, including a large variety of popular Windows apps.

A bug that can cause a Windows 10 desktop to freeze and then crash, in some cases, has been reported in the past.

In Windows 10, users can use the Start menu to launch apps, but that is only available if they are logged in.

In some cases the Start button will be obscured.

In the latest report from the PC World forum, a user named Pamela found that when she started using the Windows 10 operating system, the Start Menu and the Windows notification center would be inaccessible.

Pamela said that when using the system’s “Metro” style interface, a dark red border would appear over the Start screen.

When Pamela tried launching an application, it would appear on the Start Screen but then freeze.

When she launched another application, the same border would disappear.

She tried restarting the system, but the desktop would restart but her Start menu would still disappear.

Pamela tried going to Settings, then the Start Button, and the Start Notification Center.

But the Start notification center still disappeared.

When she tried the same thing with a third-party application, she found that the notification center was still there, and she could access the Start menus with her finger, but it was hard to click through the menu.

After searching the forum, Pamela said she went back to her previous desktop.

She then used the command “cscript stop.bat” to shut down the Windows system.

The fix, as outlined in the post, was to enable the option “Show taskbar, taskbar bar, task bar” in the System Configuration menu.

Pamelas solution appears to be working, but her advice is not without precedent.

A number of PC World readers have reported the same issues, including one who wrote about the issue in November.

It is unclear what caused Pamela’s bug.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While this may be a bug that has existed for some time, the issue has been known to affect some Windows 10 users since its launch.

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