How bird feeders can help keep birds healthy and healthy-looking

When bird feedings are part of a family meal, there’s a natural urge to give the bird something tasty to nibble on.

But for some people, bird feed is just not a healthy alternative to food.

“I’m not a vegetarian, I’m a vegan,” says Stephanie Schieber, who was diagnosed with rickets in 2014.

“But I do try to feed my birds with protein and a lot of other things.”

It’s a diet that can be a bit on the restrictive side for some.

“You’re kind of restricted to just protein, protein, and not enough fiber,” says Schiebers mother, Stephanie.

“If you try to go into a vegetarian diet, you’re kind or a bit restricted.”

Stephanie has been eating bird feed for the past year.

It’s been one of the few things she’s tried that’s helped her.

“It’s just a great, simple, healthy way to feed birds,” she says.

“When they’re young, they like to be fed on grass, on tree trunks.

They’re just hungry, they need to be eaten.”

Stephanie says she’ll feed her family on her regular diet of corn flakes, but now that she’s a vegan, she’s trying to change the bird feed she’s been eating to a more sustainable one.

“To feed birds, I think it’s important to know the science, because I’ve never seen this before,” she explains.

“We have to figure out a way to use different protein sources.”

She and her husband, Rob, decided to take the advice of the bird food experts and try feeding their birds a different way.

“There are two reasons we’re trying to do this, one is to give them something different that’s healthier and one is because we love our birds, and we love them so much, and they want to be around us,” says Rob Schieer.

“Our goal is to do that with our bird feed.”

To find out more about how to feed your bird, check out our guide to bird feeding for more tips.

To find a local bird feed, head over to

The best bird feed available for your bird and other animals is made with the highest quality, organic, pasture-raised, hormone-free feed.

Check out our birdfeed section for more details.

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