‘Door window curtains are like curtains for me’: my wife’s story

A Canadian woman says she is so happy she never got to use a curtain because her husband’s was too big.

Catherine Hildebrandt, 52, was visiting her family in Manitoba when she started experiencing problems with her housekeeping.

She says the curtains had been too big for her to close when she opened the door and her husband was outside watching TV.

“He was like, ‘Come in,’ and I was like ‘OK, I’m fine,'” she says.

Catherine says she bought a curtain from a home-improvement store but her husband didn’t have one to fit into the window.

“My husband said ‘I’m going to fix it myself,'” Catherine says.

She ended up using a curtain that fit the space between her curtains, which was too small.

“I was like what is wrong with me?”

Catherine says, wondering why she’s not used curtains more.

“What is wrong, with me?

I’m so happy I didn’t get to use the curtains.”

Catherine says her husband, who was married for 20 years, doesn’t want to talk about it.

“If it’s not for me, how can I fix it?”

Catherine and her daughter have been visiting the Hildebrands for a month, but they’ve still not gotten a curtain.

“We didn’t even ask for one,” Catherine says of the curtains.

“The curtains are always so small and you can’t see the light through them.”

Catherine has a new set of curtains in the works and says she wants to make sure they’re made with the same materials and made for the same price.

Catherine and the Hilderbrandts moved to Winnipeg from Calgary in January of 2018.

Catherine has had to pay more than $100 for the curtains and says they don’t look as good as the ones they’ve had before.

“When I had the curtains, it was a little bit better,” she says, adding that her husband still hasn’t gotten the new curtains that she ordered.

Catherine said the curtains have a slight smell and she has noticed a decrease in her husband coming home from work and feeling tired.

“It’s very annoying to be up in the middle of the night and be in the house and have no curtains to cover the room,” she said.

Catherine hopes that people will get their own curtains to fit their rooms and find out how to fix them.

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