More than 200 years of the window pane: A new book about the history of the modern window pane

A new biography of the iconic window pane in the 19th century, titled “The History of the Modern Window Panes” by the American historian Richard G. Gwynne, is the latest work to be published by the Smithsonian Institution.The book chronicles how the American window system evolved over a half-century and the challenges faced by designers,

How to make a window shade for $40 | A guide to the best window shades on Amazon | 10 ideas to brighten up your home

The best window shade on Amazon has been around for a while.The new model from the makers of the popular Airstream was released last month, and now there’s a third option that’s more affordable: the AirstREAM Pro.The AirstREX is the newest version of the Airdream and it comes with some pretty amazing features.The Airst REX