‘Arched’ windows: How to clean windows without damaging them

WASHINGTON —  A new study has found that a window that is slightly larger than the rest of the window frame may be more effective at keeping out cold air than a narrow window.

The study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that a slightly wider window may actually be more damaging to your eyes and the eyes of others.

“We have a window here and a window there that are different,” said Dr. James D. Pate, an optical engineer and professor of optics at Stanford University.

“We know that the window in the center of the room will get a little bit hotter and that will affect the airflow and the temperature inside the room.

So that window is an arched window, and that window in our house, the window we have right here, is probably going to be more problematic than that window on the side that is a little more narrow.”

A wider window is also more effective than a narrower one at keeping you from being sucked into a warm room, which can be particularly important for those who are blind or visually impaired.

The researchers compared the effectiveness of windows that were slightly wider than the other windows and those that were narrower with the average of the two to determine the optimum width.

The results showed that a small window, about two inches, was more effective in reducing the temperature of the air outside of the house, while a larger window, seven inches, significantly increased the temperature.

The study found that the larger the window, the lower the air conditioning needs to be.

“When you look at the average ventilation of the home, that’s really not the right word for it,” Pate said.

“You need to look at it as the average amount of air that you have in the room, and how that air is moving through the air.

So if you have a large window and you have to move that air, that can be really bad.”

A wide window could also be more harmful to your house than a small one, Pate added.

This is not the first study that shows how a narrow glass window may be even more harmful than a wider one.

In 2012, scientists published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association that showed that the effects of a narrow windows were much more pronounced than those of a wide one.

They found that people who were visually impaired were more likely to have their vision compromised by the effect of a narrower window.

When Pate is not studying the effects a window has on the environment, he is working on a project to use glass to make windows that will last longer.

For his research, Pates is collaborating with researchers from the University of Minnesota.

He also has a team working with NASA on a program to make glasses that can make the windows look more like those of the real world.

It’s unclear if the new study will lead to a wide window being the next hot thing to get in your home.

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